Black & Decker F210 Steam Iron With Nonstick Soleplate, White

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The Black & Decker F210 SmartTemp Steam Iron is simple, easy and convenient, the steam iron lets you fight tough wrinkles without a hassle. The SmartTemp system ensures you’re ironing at the right temperature with a simple indicator light that shuts off once the exact temperature setting has been reached. All this, plus a variable steam selector that lets you choose the amount of steam you need.

2 thoughts on “Black & Decker F210 Steam Iron With Nonstick Soleplate, White

  1. Nina

    Another product of cheap foreign labor…Should be called “Steam Dribbler” not “Steam Iron” I wanted a lightweight steam iron since I have arthritis in my hands and plenty of ironing to do. Almost every iron I looked at, especially the more expensive ones, seemed to have been designed and tested by men who’ve never ironed in their lives, and are weightlifting body builders with huge hands and strong fingers to press steam and spray buttons. Fill one of those irons with water and you’d be lucky to drag it across an ironing board, never mind lift it and maneuver it around the garment 20-40 times as you iron each item. 

  2. Ali Baba

    Do not buy this iron!!! This iron is an absolute waste of money! Do not purchase this iron! It is very, very lightweight and the water continues to squart out of it every time you try to iron with it, and continues to wet your clothing. I used this iron only once and had to go back to my old one! I will have to return this iron for a refund.

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