Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent Reviews

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Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent, Green

  • Spacious 8-person tent has enough room for 3 queen size air beds
  • WeatherTec system with patented corner welds and inverted seams helps keep water out
  • Extended door awning keeps shoes and gear dry; hinged door offers easy access
  • Measures 16 x 7 feet with 6-foot 2-inch center height
  • Quick setup in 15 minutes with carry bag included for easy transportation
With enough room for three queen size air beds, the Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent lets your whole family enjoy camping trips with extra sleeping space. This camping tent is guaranteed to keep you dry thanks to the WeatherTec system that features patented welded floors with inverted seams. The backpacking tent comes with a rainfly and a covered zipper that help keep water out. An extended door awning creates a dry space to store gear and enter the tent, while the hinged door makes it easy to come

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3 thoughts on “Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent Reviews

  1. Hannibal "Han"
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Excellent design, bone dry, plenty of room, what else?, June 2, 2010
    Hannibal “Han” (Northwest) –

    This review is from: Coleman Montana 8 Tent (Sports)
    All I can say is “Wow”!

    Cheaper than most family tents, but actually keeps the rain out. I’m 30 minutes north of Seattle. Just unpacked and put up the tent this morning as soon as it arrived during an hour no rain break, then it started pooring. Eight hours of rain and it’s still bone dry inside out in my backyard. I can’t believe a 450mm shell/tent can do that.

    More than enough room for our whole family, me, wife, 13yr and 1yr old daughters. Two big foam beds and a play pen to boot. I searched reviews all over the net trying to find a decent family tent and hoped the reviews I read about his one were all true, and I am happy to say they are. Coleman F-N rox.

    The rain fly that covers the outside of the door is part of the whole rain fly (all one piece), there is actually room for three chairs to stay dry under it (picture misleads that it is smaller). I was just out there smoking a cig thinking, America still has a few great companies left that mean well for their customers.

    The floor is not cheap tub tarp, it’s decent. But, I still got two 6 x 8 cheap carpets @ lowes. Lesson learned from years of camping if you want your tent to last.

    The front door is pure genius. The zippers are re-inforced and glide like butter. But, if you don’t want to add tons of wear on your zipper (and we all know a tent is useless when the door zipper breaks, unless of course it’s a coleman with this design), just don’t zip it, and let the hinge spring it lightly shut. And the factory well placed velcro hold it shut.

    But wait! that’s not all! LOL.. the windows tilt at an angle so no rain gets in while you hang in the rain. I was worried about the roof being open mesh, but unbelieveably, with NO TREATMENT, NO SEAM SEAL, STRAIGHT FROM THE FACTORY !!NO LEAKS!!. Yeah I am repeating myself, I am in awe.


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  2. Elliot Kassoff
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Ah the Montana 8…after reading many reviews about it, here is mine, July 28, 2013
    Elliot Kassoff

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Coleman Montana 8 Tent (Sports)
    So..I am an avid camper. Been camping many times since I was a kid. I have owned 3 tents in 25 years of on my own camping, the Coleman Montana 8 is the 3rd. When I was looking for a tent, I did a lot of research, and read many reviews. I would say for the Montana 8, the reviews have been pretty accurate. It is very roomy, yet a bit narrow and although on our trip the weather was sort of ok…I can see ventilation being a problem on hotter, more humid days and nights. But overall it is a solid tent.

    First off, you have to know in shopping for a tent that a 4 person tent is good for two people and gear and 6 person is good for 3-4 people and 6-8 person tents are good for 4-5 adults and children if you want to be comfortable and not on top of each other. With that said, me, my son (5) and my friend and his son (4) had just about the perfect amount of room (maybe a tad more than we needed). Each little family had one side of the tent with a good amount of room in the middle for moving around and bags and such.

    Honestly, if there was anyone else in there it would have been a little crowded. So think about it, 2 adults and 2 kids and it was just about perfect. My son and I had the Coleman 4 in 1 bed with the mattress’ side by side…which they say is a about a king size mattress…it fit fine. My friend had a queen size sleeping mat on his side and it fit fine.

    So while it was roomy for us, I wouldn’t try to fit more than 5 people in there comfortably. If you are a family or set of friends of 3-4, this is a great size for you.

    The set up – my son and I got to the site first and started with the tent. We had never taken the tent out of the box it was delivered in, so we went at it blind. If you have never set up a tent before I can see it being a bit overwhelming at first, but with more than one person, you should be able to get it. If you have set up a tent before, you will be fine with one person. I did it with my 5 year old and while he wasn’t much help, I did need him to hold up the sides when it came time to make them tight. If he wasn’t there I would have just stood them up and staked them to hold them up, so it really won’t be a problem to do it by yourself…if you have done it before. I’d say 30-45 mins set up for one experienced person to complete.

    As I said, we took it out of the box at the site, so I added no extra rain seal or anything and sure enough it rained on us the two mornings we woke up there. Not a drop got in that I could see and the rain was substantial at times…the kids just played in the tent, plenty of room to pass a nerf football, and we waited out the rain in there….not a problem at all. Except, ventilation, we did have damp clothes and bedding, but it was not the rain, it was the lack of ventilation.

    Which brings me to the only two down sides, there are two small windows on either end and the screen door, so there is no real cross breeze. I even had the tent turned so the windows were in the direction of the wind, the windows are too small. Bottom line, better ventilation is needed, maybe just a venting window on the back wall facing the door. I had a tent fan to sleep with (got that because of the reviews I had read)….I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT if you need air to sleep such as I 🙂 In a little colder environment, this would be a very warm tent. The only other negative is the awning or the “porch” this is not a porch…I was up one night while everyone was asleep and it started to rain. I put my chair under the “porch” to watch the fire and the rain and there is hardly any protection at all to sit under there.

    The door is awesome. With kids running in and out it’s great…but you still have to zipper it each time and both kids handled the zipper door very well and the zipper handled them well.

    I would say overall I am very happy with this tent, just needs better ventilation. It’s tall so you can stand up in it and that is important if you are getting older like me 🙂 I am 6ft tall and fit fine in there. There may be better tents out there….but not many at this price. Happy Camping!


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  3. Cricket
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great Tent: Safe Shelter for My Family, April 26, 2011
    Cricket (San Antonio, TX USA) –

    This review is from: Coleman Montana 8 Tent (Sports)

    I bought this tent May 19, 2010. We bought it as a starter tent. I am a service dog trainer and handler with 2 kids and a husband that rarely joins us on our camping adventures. I often have 2-3 service dogs in training with me that also stay in the tent. We manage to fit 3 single air matresses and a full size matress with room for 3 bags and 2 large dogs (sleeping on the floor) in the tent; with a 4 inch walk way somewhere in there. I am a very experienced camper as I grew up camping since I was 2. I am now 31. I however grew up camping in pop-up campers, 5th wheels and rvs. I knew nothing of tents. After much research, I decided on this tent. We went camping about 16 times in this tent before it met it’s untimely end. Over the 16 camping trips, at least 6-8 of those trips we spent in 20 mile per hour winds. The tent held up like a champ. The only issue in high winds is that the rain fly pole likes to pop off on one side. This sometimes pops off another pole if the rain fly pole hits the other poles just right. If it’s not raining I have found that if you just let the rain fly pole hang on both sides the tent will hold itself up well. The issue with this is that the rain fly pole then blocks the door and you need to duck under the pole to climb in; it’s far less annoying than resetting the rain fly pole every 5 minutes in high winds. The reason that you would even take this step is because the only way to prevent the wind from blowing the tent apart in high winds is to use the tag lines on the rain fly. There is no way to brace and support the tent in high winds without the rain fly.
    This tent has weathered at least 10 different severe downpours (over a 3 day period) with high winds directly on the beach with no issues. The tent has weathered an additional 5-7 other bad thunder storms. The tent stayed dry every time. I love this tent!
    I meantioned the tent met it’s untimely end. I took the tent on a 4 day camping trip to Padre Island National Sea Shore over Easter weekend 2011. The entire trip there we had 15-30 mile per hour winds. At night the winds seemed to kick up to about 30 mph and stay that way until mid morning. The tent at times was almost halfway folded over. The ceiling, which I usually can’t even begin to touch, kept hitting my head when I was exiting the tent door. The tent held firm and never threatened to give way. The tent protected my family in very high wind conditions. However, this wind storm proved to be too much for the big tent that could. One small, 1mm, tear appeared on the back side of the tent near the seams, where the tent took the most punishment. The tent also suffered moderate tears in the main mast pole sleeves and similar tears appeared on one of the side pole sleeves. The rainfly also suffered damage to the strapping that ties down that green section of the rain fly roof to the ground.
    I rate this tent at 5 stars because it went through hell more than once. The tent spent it’s final days nearly folded in half and still held and protected my family. A tent can only do so much. It is important to note that the brand new Bass Pro Shops tent I bought to house our beach gear and serve as a portable dog house for my service dog, also suffered catastrophic failures. The Bass Pro Shops tent has an 8 inch rip in the floor and the tent pole sleeves are destroyed. My canopy that has been used once before this trip was also destroyed and needs to be replaced. The Coleman Montana 8 suffered the least damage of all my equipment.
    This tent was almost a year old when it met it’s untimely death. That meant it was still under warrenty. I called the company and explained the damage that was done by the wind. They are replacing the body of the tent and the rainfly at no cost to me other than to ship it back. Coleman customer service rocks!
    The Coleman Montana 8 tent takes 2 people to set up. However, a 4 year old could easily assist. The second person only needs to push the poles into the ground once set into their pins by an adult or older child and hang on while the older person walks around and sets the other side of the pole in it’s pin on the opposing side. The other thing they need to do is to help hold the rain fly in high winds while you set the tag lines and the main velcro straps. Once the main velcro straps are set, you can show the kids how to attach to rest of the velcro while you set the lines. I had 3 children with me at Whitney Lake State park when we spotted a black wall of water coming towards us from accross the lake. The rain fly was not on. I quickly gathered the children and raced back to our camp site. I gave the children very specific directions of where to stand and what to hold. I told them stand here, hold this really tight, don’t let go whatever you do. They all listened as the winds kicked up really bad and the sky opened up into a downpour. The kids followed my directions…

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