Honeywell Humidifier Wick Filter, Single, HAC-504AW

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Replacement Filter for Honeywell Natural Cool Moisture Humidifiers. Fits models: HCM-1000 Series; HCM-2000 Series; HCM-500 Series; ECM-250i, HCM-600 Series and the new HCM-300T and HCM-310T

3 thoughts on “Honeywell Humidifier Wick Filter, Single, HAC-504AW

  1. Dman "The MAN"

    A lot you can say about the poor quality of this filter

    Customer Video Review Length:: 0:35 MinsThis filter appears to be a genuine Honeywell filter but is much thinner and does a poor job of evaporating the water. The previous filter would empty a 1.5 gallon tank in 24 hrs. With this filter it is 1/2 full 24 hrs. later. See my video for direct comparison. I suspect the other 1 and 2 stars reviews do not realize this is a different filter. I searched the box and both say Honeywell HAC-504aw. It appears to be made by Honeywell. Honeywell go back to the old filter or I will get a different brand of humidifier.

  2. Sarge

    Filter thickness reduced For years I have been delighted with these replacement filters for my Honeywell humidifier. Unfortunately the manufacturer has recently made a product change that I find very disappointing, the filter’s thickness has been reduced in half – while keeping the price unchanged. This of course then cuts in half the amount of wet area exposed to the air stream making the humidier less effective!

  3. T. Dolan

    New for 2011 – Honeywell went cheap on this filter If you live in a dry place or a place where your heating system dries out the air in your house in the winter, you probably rely on one or more humidifiers to keep your home comfortable and shock free. I have been using a Honeywell machine with this filter for three years now. Each winter I purchase about 10 of these filters to last the whole heating season. However, this year I noticed something new. Honeywell had clearly reduced the bulk of these filters. When I installed them I noticed the first night they were operating at about 50% less capacity than the very same filters I purchased last year. The older version used a full tank of water overnight when new, while this version uses only a half tank. That means a dried out nose in the morning, dry skin and static electricity that sends the cat running anytime you touch it. Thanks Honeywell for taking what was a good reliable product and making it ineffective. If you don’t want to replace your humidifier, look for an…

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