Mario Maker

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Super Mario Maker - Nintendo Wii U

  • Create and play the Mario levels of your dreams
  • Play a near limitless number of intensely creative Super Mario levels
  • Nintendo has made Mario games for decades. Now... it's your turn!
The ultimate evolution of Super Mario Bros. is here!
Mario experience of your dreams has arrived and is bursting with creativity…including yours! Play a near-limitless number of intensely creative Super Mario levels from players around the world. It’s easy enough to create your own levels with the Wii U GamePad controller that it may feel like you’re simply sketching out your ideas on paper, but you can now bring enemies and objects into a playable course in ways you could only dream

List Price: $ 59.99 Price: $ 47.51


  • Make a mess in the ultimate mess-fest!
  • Don't blink. Ink!
  • No time to blink. No time to think. Bring on the ink!
  • Splattering ink puts the "happy" back in trigger happy.
Splatter enemies and claim your turf as ink-spraying, squid-like Inklings in Nintendo's ultimate mess-fest! Challenge players online* in chaotic 4-on-4 turf wars and unleash squid powers to ink your way to victory. May the best mess win.

List Price: $ 59.99 Price: $ 43.69

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3 thoughts on “Mario Maker

  1. Rob D
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    This game is what games should be….fun!, May 29, 2015
    Rob D

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Splatoon (Video Game)
    There was a time when I was heavily into shooter games. I sunk hours and hours into Halo 2 & 3, then did the same with the first few Modern Warfare/Black Ops titles. After a while though, I got totally burnt out with these style of games. Not to mention I was tired of the ultra competitive jerks that inhabited the online lobbies. I probably haven’t bought a Call of Duty or Halo game in the last 5 years.

    When I saw the press about Splatoon it immediately peaked my interest. So now I’ve got the game and I have to say, I totally love it. Leave it to Nintendo to take a beat to death genre like shooters and inject it with personality and approach it from a new perspective. The change from being concerned with just killing the enemy to having to cover the ground with your paint just brings a whole new life to this game for me.

    Many have complained about lack of voice chat, but for me it is totally fine. I don’t have to deal with the ultra-competitive jerks that I referenced above. Some folks say that lack of voice chat prohibits planning with your team, but I haven’t really found that to be a problem. These games are so quick and chaotic that I don’t really see how you could plan much anyway. It’s not like a tactical shooter where you have longer drawn out matches where you have to coordinate to take enemy bases or anything like that. And when I say chaotic I mean it in a good way.

    The other major complaint this game is getting at launch is the lack of content. Yes, there is limited content, but the developers have promised a ton of FREE DLC, and it’s all coming soon. So to me, this game was more of an investment. The developers won’t be charging for the initial wave of DLC and for me it’s totally worth it to have the game at this stage knowing that it will get beefed up over the next couple of months. And besides, I can’t see myself getting bored with this game just as it is for a while. I’d probably be playing it tons through the summer even if they didn’t release any DLC.

    Bravo Nintendo for releasing this great new IP. Now excuse me…I’ve got some floors I’ve gotta go paint.


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  2. Elias "The Fried Critic"
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Nintendo’s Not Squidding Around, May 31, 2015
    Elias “The Fried Critic” (Nowhere In Particular) –

    This review is from: Splatoon (Video Game)

    Last year, I saw a sarcastic tweet directed at the E3 Splatoon reveal from a pretty prominent geek journalist. “4-on-4 multiplayer? I bet those servers are going to be jumping!” Of course, if that guy had played Mario Kart 8 online, which was already out at that point, he would have known that things were already looking up on Nintendo’s online front. But I digress.

    After dozens of online rounds and several dozens of Miiverse interactions, not to mention the excitement of checking out daily gear and map refreshes, I can officially say that, yes, these servers are jumping. Not only that, but I can say that with Splatoon, Nintendo has confidently asserted their dominance over most of their peers when it comes to online gaming.

    I say this as a seasoned veteran of all the major online shooters. Halo, Call of Duty, Battlefield, and a ton of other, less prominent games are all tucked safely under my belt. A good portion of my life has been spent in some form of online arena, pumping anonymous people full of virtual lead. But games that have provided the constant stream of dopamine like Splatoon does have been few and far in between. In fact, I might contend that none of them have managed to excite and surprise as much as this one. Which is funny, because for starters, it’s barely even a shooter.

    See, as you might have heard by now, in Nintendo’s first blatant pitch at the online set, you take the role of both a kid and a squid. They’re called Inklings. Now, on top of being squid-kids, Inklings are both aggressive and fashionable in equal amounts . You deck yourself out in hip clothes, then buy guns that shoot obscene amounts of ink and try to lay claim over different areas of turf by painting them. If anyone gets in your way? You take them out. By inking them to death. Yep.

    While, on the surface, this sounds like nothing but a kiddified version of a typical shooter, it’s anything but. Players get put in teams of four and thrown into an arena. From there, they’re tasked with inking every surface possible in order to claim the turf for their team. Along the way, they blow enemy Inklings into smithereens and assume a more squid-ish form to swim underneath their ink so they can traverse the varying surfaces of a given level.

    It’s all a bit hard to describe, but can be summed up in a succinct label: shooter/platformer. You shoot things, jump on/swim up them, then shoot more things. Rinse, repeat. Those are the basic mechanics, and they work just about as well as you’d expect a platformer from the company that practically invented them to. That is to say, very. Certainly, it takes a little bit of getting used to. There’s nothing else like this on the market, and it plays like a strict hybrid of the two types of gameplay I mentioned. If you play it like a traditional shooter, your territory is going to get laid waste to. If you just focus on inking the ground and jumping on everything, you’re going to get blown up constantly. This is a new type of gameplay, and as such, it demands players acquire a new set of skills in order to stand a fighting chance at it.

    And really, “different” is the operative word to describe Splatoon. Sure, you can trace elements of it back to other games. Its influences seem to range from Super Mario Sunshine to Jet Set Radio to maybe even the Blinx 2 multiplayer. But is there really anything else like it? I’d say “no,” with full confidence. Maybe Nintendo hasn’t created a new genre or anything quite that dramatic, but they’ve definitely struck on something that hasn’t been touched before.

    Not only that, but they’ve polished it to a glistening, inky shine with other trimmings. Miiverse has never been better in a game, playing both a large role in the hub world and in online matches. The ability to play a lengthy Doodle Jump-esque mini-game while waiting in lobbies is a neat touch. And the gamepad integration is brilliant, delivering the type of seamless “using the menu while playing” mechanic that Nintendo promised when they debuted the Wii U in 2011. The core gameplay is already great, and all of the extra, thoughtful touches added just make it that much more sweet.

    But what about the amount of content in this 60 dollar, online-focused game? Pre-release, a particularly vocal batch of people were worried that Nintendo was skimping on stuff with Splatoon, that the gameplay would be fun, but there wouldn’t be enough of it to go around. Admittedly, I was marginally concerned that Nintendo would follow the “pay 60 dollars, then pay for the rest” model that so many companies have for the past few years. But, lo and behold, all of those fears were unfounded. Not only is there a decent amount of content already here, but as of this writing, all of the future modes and maps will come in the form of free updates. Thank you, based Nintendo.

    Speaking seriously, though,…

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  3. Nick
    32 of 34 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Pure fun and online works day one., May 29, 2015

    This review is from: Splatoon (Video Game)
    This is great, online works day 1, caters to all skill levels and it is unique. There is NOTHING like this out there


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